"Imagine a world without free knowledge." –Wikipedia
"Do your part and just make your own wiki to keep knowledge free. By joining the best wiki host today, we'll make your dreams come true." –MyWikis

At MyWikis, we host wikis based on your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to tailor everything around you and to serve the community. We facilitate the creation and maintenance of top-class, premium and custom wikis for your needs. Your wiki, personalized your way.

Our experienced staff, with their many years of experience in MediaWiki, are here to help your dreams bloom.

We started out on February 22, 2012 with a mission to liberate the world from nonchalant wiki hosts by providing a world-class experience to our valuable customers. Every day, we help wiki owners with their wikis, either creating or modifying their site to perfection.

We set ourselves apart from other wiki hosts by offering our services at low, competitive prices while maintaining the high quality and reliability that our clients are used to.

What are some of the ways we're different from our competition? For starters, we don't force ads onto your wikis. We let you customize your wiki with any extension you want, because we hate limits. Unlike some of our competitors, we understand what having boundaries means. That's why we'll help you keep your wiki private and secure if you need an internal knowledgebase for your company. And best of all, we want to make MyWikis as accessible to you and anyone else who uses your wiki. To help everyone contribute to your wiki, we now include VisualEditor with all wikis on the MyWikis Pro plan or above. VisualEditor is an intuitive WYSIWYG editor that doesn't require any prior experience to use. You'll love the convenience and beauty of it.

We believe so much in our philosophy of serving the community that we offer access to our powerful Parsoid parsing server, used for VisualEditor. Even if you aren't hosting your wiki with MyWikis, give Hosted Parsoid a shot.

We give our clients the layout and version they want, unlimited storage, unlimited users, unlimited edit history, unlimited pages, unlimited user groups, unlimited bandwidth. The unlimited list goes on. Join us today.

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