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You may make payments for MyWikis products and services here.

We collect our payments with PayPal because they accept both PayPal and credit/debit cards.

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Wiki hosting plans

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Buy a domain

If you aren't buying a .com, .org., .net, .wiki, or .tk, please contact MyWikis Support first on our TSS.

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Payment plans

Pay your security deposit/initialization fee

Security deposit is $8. You will only need to pay for this if you have MyWikis Free or VPS.

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Software upgrade credits

These are bought when your security deposit will no longer cover the cost to upgrade to the next major software version. Only MyWikis Free users who have been told by MyWikis Staff to purchase these should buy them. We will not refund your money if you were not told to purchase these.

Type of deposit

Cancel payments

We are sorry to see you go! But don't worry, we'll make it simple. To easily cancel automatic recurring payments, please use this button below:

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