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Wiki hosting plans

Offering the best service for the best value, MyWikis' plans suit a wide variety of needs. Please use the comparison below to see where you fall.

Criteria\PlansMyWikis BasicMyWikis ProMyWikis Corporate/VPS
Unlimited resources
This includes unlimited storage, bandwidth,
edit history, pages, users, and more!
No advertisements
Choose MediaWiki version
Add extensions free of charge
Privacy tiers
Free subdomain
Free domain**
Priority support
WYSIWYG editor
Amount of wikis12Unlimited
Other web applications
(e.g. WordPress, phpBB, Drupal, Joomla)
Choose licensing
Free MediaWiki updates
Must buy software upgrade credits
(SUCs) for $3 each
Managed solutions
Best forSmall projectsMedium projectsLarge projects
Monthly pricing$7$10Corporate: $15, VPS: starting at $35
Annual pricing$6.25/mo or $75$8.33/mo or $100Starting at $350
Buy now!Get BasicGet Pro (recommended!)Get Corporate/VPS

** - Must purchase a qualifying annual plan for the free domain offer.

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Why us?

We understand finding the right wiki host is an important decision that cannot be made lightly. Here are some reasons why you'll want to choose MyWikis to host your wiki—and you won't regret it.

  • We will always give you a personalized experience. Our employees are busy ensuring your needs are met, the way you need them. Wiki hosting might be very automated and repetitive, but we'll be sure to add a human touch.
  • No ads for visitors or editors. We guarantee you probably don't like ads, and we agree! That's why you will never see advertisements on your wiki.
  • When we mean unlimited, we don't pick and choose what is unlimited. We just jump right in and give you everything unlimited. You'll always have unlimited users; storage; bandwidth; wiki pages; version history; extensions; and experienced, personal, and in-house tech support.
  • We give you fine-grained control over users and groups, harnessing the full power of MediaWiki. That means you can organize your employees or contributors however you'll need!
  • We offer several tiers of privacy for accessing your wiki, depending on your needs. You can have it public, somewhat private, or completely blocked off from the rest of the world. You may consult with a MyWikis staff member during your wiki creation process about privacy tiers.
  • Integrate existing services with our powerful backbone, MediaWiki, which is the most compatible wiki software in the world! MediaWiki powers Wikipedia, one of the largest websites in the world. The developers of Wikipedia bring their experience to the finest world-class wiki software, and now, you can use it! Not just that, but we will always use the latest version of MediaWiki so your wiki remains secure and feature-full.
  • We are the champion in pricing with lowest prices, highest quality and quantity of services. If you see better prices by a similar competitor, then we'll drop our prices down.

Ready to create your wiki? Just visit our new site wizard.

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