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Referrals and Affiliates program

Yes, we have both of them, and we think they're pretty good too. Read on to see the wonderful perks at MyWikis.


Is a friend, an acquaintance, or a relative of yours interested in MyWikis? Are you already using our services?

Let them know you're welcome too—with a discount! (For the first month 30% off!) You also get a month of our services free (on MyWikis Basic and Pro only).

Here's how you can invite your friend:

Your email you used when creating your wiki:


Are you interested in promoting your company with MyWikis? Want to boost your website's SEO and business?

Our website is a great place to show your company off—for example, if you're a Minecraft host, referrals to us help your clients to get wikis about their Minecraft server at half-price, etc., and even you could get a wiki for your service.

All we ask is you link our company's website and logo on your website wherever we see fit. (Reciprocal agreement) We put our affiliates on our main page because we know you are special. :)

Here's how to become an affiliate of MyWikis: Just email with your business's website URL (e.g., your business name, your logo you wish for us to put on the front page, and where you would put our business logo on your website.

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