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Hi, we're MyWikis Consulting, and we'd love to help you set up or turbocharge your wikis. Our goal is simple: to get your wiki the way you want it to be and everything in between. We solve problems to bring efficiency and zen to your workflow. Contact our sales team to get in touch with us, or keep reading to learn more.

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Who are we?

MyWikis Consulting provides quality MediaWiki extension development, enhanced wiki customization, companion mobile app development, and general consulting/solutions services.

We're the same experts behind MyWikis, personalized wiki hosting with quality support at affordable prices. Our consultants are experienced in MediaWiki, diligent in their decision making, and dedicated to getting the job done quickly and well.

Custom integrations

Your wiki is most powerful when it's properly integrated.

Don't start all over. We'll integrate it with all of the tools your organization uses.

Our consultants work with you to fully integrate your wiki(s) into your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring seamless integrations.

Our in-house developers have expertise to successfully integrate each need into your wiki.

Common integrations we provide include:

  • Single sign-on with support for both authentication and authorization.
  • Create custom groups to assign proper permissions to each of your users.
  • Automatically transfer data from your spreadsheets and databases to your wiki pages with custom wiki bots (the good kind!).
  • Embed all of your spreadsheets, documents, flowcharts, presentations, charts, PDFs, and more, whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace or something else. Or, make use of LibreOffice Online to provide an easy editing experience for your employees in the browser.

Custom solutions

MyWikis Consulting provides our expertise in architecting custom solutions to solve complex, intricate problems. Our custom solutions services include scaling, planning the integration of custom features, and the development of custom code to achieve your needs.

Custom extension development

Want an extension that doesn't exist yet? We'll make it for you.

MyWikis develops custom MediaWiki extensions starting at $100 per extension for the simplest extensions. Prices scale up with complexity of the proposed extension.

We grant you exclusive rights to use the extension, and only share the extension code with you.

Are you a MyWikis client? Our clients get access to bundle discounts and exclusive rates for custom MediaWiki extension development. Not a client? It's never too late to sign up for a plan today and get started in 5 minutes.

Featured extensions we've developed:

Enhanced wiki customization

Want a custom skin?

Want to seamlessly integrate your wiki into your existing website's styles?

Look no further. Our enhanced wiki customization services tailor to your wiki's use case and heavily modifies MediaWiki to adapt it to your brand and your needs.

In addition with our extension development services, we can also change the layout of your wiki, add additional features to the user interface, and help you organize and set up the contents of your wiki to be better positioned to achieve critical mass in wiki adoption by your organization's members.

Extended Service Plan

New to MediaWiki? We'll help you get up to speed.

Are you just getting started with MediaWiki and need additional assistance with using your wiki? Learn how to master MediaWiki and become a wiki champion for your organization's wiki.

  • Step-by-step guidance on using features in MediaWiki
  • Configuration of wiki settings by editing a page in the wiki (i.e. pages in the MediaWiki namespace) or through a special page
  • Configuration of wiki scripts and styling (JavaScript and CSS)
  • Import of templates
  • Custom skins (to a certain extent—we do not create custom designs, but can help implement preexisting small-scale designs)
  • …and other tutorial assistance with using the MediaWiki software.

Companion mobile app development

Want a companion mobile app for your wiki?

Our expertise extends beyond web development.

We can create a mobile app for your wiki, with your branding and customized just for you.

Get your own app for both iOS and Android.

Cloud first

We prefer to build natively on the cloud to make your wiki run on only the most cutting edge technology, for the most reliability, speed, and scaling possible.

Staying ahead of the curve means less upgrade work and more savings for you in the future.

We also work with you to come up with a plan to make sure you're never locked into a single cloud service provider.

Examples of services

Full SSO configuration - we'll configure SSO on your wiki for you, from start to finish.

Cloud migration - have an existing wiki running on a VPS? MyWikis knows how you can scale your wiki easily using our expertise in deploying MediaWiki with cloud technologies. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Expert extension installation - need to install an extension? We got your back, no matter how hard it is. We've installed many extensions and are familiar with getting them up and working on your wiki.

Automated backups - for peace of mind, back up your wikis every day with our MediaWiki backups configuration. We offer both on-premise and cloud-based, no code necessary backup solutions that automatically manage backups.

You don't have to host your wiki on MyWikis for these services. Every MyWikis Consulting service is available for both our MyWikis-hosted and self-hosted clients.

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