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MyWikis takes privacy seriously.

That's why we provide your wiki with multiple layers of protection that no other wiki host comes anywhere close to providing.

  1. HTTP authentication — All users are first authenticated through HTTP authentication that you control.
  2. IP address allowlist — Restrict access to your corporate intranet.
  3. Image authentication — We utilize MediaWiki's image authentication mechanism.
  4. Built-in MediaWiki permissions — We haven't forgotten about MediaWiki's inner level of protection. Utilize MediaWiki's extensive set of permissions and fine-tune them to your needs.

When creating your wiki, please specify which of the above privacy settings you'd like for your wiki. Existing customer? Let us know which ones you want to add/remove at any time.

We offer various privacy settings for your wiki. Choose the one that suits your wiki best.

Criteria\PermissionsReadEditCreate account
Private AEveryoneEveryoneUsers only
Private BEveryoneUsers onlyEveryone
Private CEveryoneUsers onlyUsers only
Private DUsers onlyUsers onlyEveryone
Private EUsers onlyUsers onlyUsers only
Private F + AEveryoneEveryoneAnyone can request accounts
Requests must be approved by admins
Private F + CEveryoneUsers only
Private F + EUsers onlyUsers only


VisualEditor makes it easy for you to edit your wiki. Instead of wasting time learning complicated wiki syntax, you can now edit with ease!

Included by default with MyWikis Pro and above.

Try it out!

Adding extensions

Super extensible. Super easy.

MediaWiki has a diverse and strong library of extensions. If the wiki isn't doing enough, chances are there's an extension to improve your wiki experience!

MyWikis automatically installs over 20 essential extensions on your wiki when it's created. You can choose to add more.

You can install many extensions automatically through our Self Service portal. Or, if you aren't sure what you want, let us know what you need for your wiki and we'll make recommendations and install extensions for you. You can always request specific extensions if you know what you want to install.

MyWikis doesn't place a limit on the number of extensions you can install on your wiki. Adding extensions will always be free.

No ads
No branding

Forget ads. Keep your wiki clear of clutter.

At MyWikis, we don't believe in filling your screen with junk. Instead, we believe in keeping your wiki experience as pure as possible. Only the good stuff.

Your wiki will also be free of any MyWikis branding. White label is the way we like to keep it. Your wiki, your rules.

Self Service

Easily and quickly manage your wiki settings with our Self Service portal.

Our purpose-built Self Service portal lets you do many actions automatically. The ability to install extensions and skins, reset passwords, and much more, are all at your fingertips.

We've developed the Self Service portal in-house to cater to your needs and make your wiki experience so much better.

We built it to empower you to manage your wiki the way you want it. Incredibly convenient, incredibly powerful.

Import included

Need help moving in? We got your back.

Coming from somewhere else? No worries. MyWikis makes importing your wiki a breeze.

Provide us your content (we'll let you know what), then we'll take care of the rest. Our imports are done quickly and with great attention to your existing configuration.

SSO and Identity

Bring single sign on to your wiki.

Don't worry about having to maintain yet another database of accounts.

MyWikis supports many different SSO technologies, including SAML and LDAP. Use another SSO technology? We've developed our own custom ones too and are able to develop custom SSO integrations for your wiki.

Chat with our sales team to see if we can accommodate your setup.

Anti-spam and security

Cutting edge anti-spam technologies and security.

MyWikis uses our own, in-house developed technologies and strategies to prevent and mitigate spam. We only use the best tools available.

Your accounts are safer than ever with 2FA included. We offer two-factor authentication on all wikis to help secure your wiki accounts.

Our methods are tried and true, and are put to the test every day. You can count on MyWikis to secure your wiki from spam attacks.

24/7 Support

Professional, prompt, and helpful tech support.

We're available around the clock, offering you quick but thorough assistance with whatever matters you may have.

Our support staff are trained to be highly knowledgable and capable to help you as quickly yet thoroughly as possible. We don't follow flowcharts; we problem solve for each unique situation and communicate with you about everything.

You can reach us by the Client Panel, or request for us to give you a call.

  • Basics

    Just the basics
    to get the job done.

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Users
  • All Privacy Tiers
  • Free Subdomain
  • HTTPS Protection
  • No Ads
  • Add Extensions For Free
  • MyWikis Self Service Portal
  • Wiki Import Service Included
  • Technical Support Included
  • $8.33

    per month when paid annually, or $9.99/mo
    excl. sales tax/VAT
  • Pro

    Everything needed to
    make your wiki shine.

  • All Basics Plan Features, PLUS...
  • VisualEditor
  • Free Domain
  • Bring Your Own Custom Domain
  • HTTPS Protection
  • No Ads
  • Add Extensions For Free
  • MyWikis Self Service Portal
  • Wikipedia Template Import Service
  • Free MediaWiki Updates
  • $12.49

    per month when paid annually or $14.99/mo
    excl. sales tax/VAT
  • Corporate

    For companies & wikis
    needing extra oomph.

  • All Pro Plan Features, PLUS...
  • VisualEditor
  • Free Domain or BYOD
  • HTTPS Protection
  • Priority Support
  • 2 Wikis Included
  • SSO Integration
  • MyWikis Self Service Portal
  • Enhanced Privacy Features
  • Free MediaWiki Updates
  • $16.67

    per month when paid annually or $19.99/mo
    excl. sales tax/VAT
  • VPS

    For the most advanced
    wikis or wiki family.

  • All Corporate Plan Features, PLUS...
  • VisualEditor
  • Free Domain or BYOD
  • HTTPS Protection
  • Priority Support
  • 10 Wikis Included
  • SSH Access
  • Self Service Portal Coming Soon
  • Licensing Customization
  • Optimized for Speed
  • $29.99

    per month when paid annually or $35.99/mo
    excl. sales tax/VAT

After-tax prices will differ based on geographic region. Use the price calculator to calculate your local price.

  • Solutions and Consulting Services

    Maximize your wiki's potential. Make your wiki work for your business, not the other way around.

    We'll help you supercharge your wiki and integrate it fully to your business needs.
    Dedicated consultants and in-house software engineers help you configure your wiki to do what you want, on your terms.

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