Your wiki will have features custom-tailored to you. Some of them include:


MyWikis offers various privacy settings for your wiki. Choose the one that suits your wiki best.

Criteria\PermissionsReadEditCreate account
Private AEveryoneEveryoneUsers only
Private BEveryoneUsers onlyEveryone
Private CEveryoneUsers onlyUsers only
Private DUsers onlyUsers onlyEveryone
Private EUsers onlyUsers onlyUsers only
Private F + AEveryoneEveryoneAnyone can request accounts
Requests must be approved by admins
Private F + CEveryoneUsers only
Private F + EUsers onlyUsers only


VisualEditor makes it easy for you to edit your wiki. Instead of wasting time learning complicated wiki syntax, you can now edit with ease!

Included by default with MyWikis Pro and above.

Try it out!

Adding extensions

MediaWiki has a diverse and strong library of extensions. If the wiki isn't doing enough, chances are there's an extension to improve your wiki experience!

Just let us know what you need for your wiki and we'll make recommendations and install extensions for you. You can always request specific extensions if you know what you want to install.

MyWikis doesn't place a limit on the number of extensions you can install on your wiki. Adding extensions will always be free.

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