Job description

MyWikis is searching for a technical wirter.

We are looking for a technical writer who is able to write documentation capable of assisting our clients in all aspects of familiarizing themselves with MyWikis and how to use their wikis. Specific roles of the job:

This is a competitive position; we are only hiring one person at this time.

Job requirements

You must have the following requirements in order to be considered for this job.

In order to determine fit within our current company, you will be called and we will have a discussion to determine whether you're fit for the job.


Salary is to be negotiated. We offer plenty of room for salary increases as your experience increases, as well as opportunity for advancement within the company.

Why work for MyWikis?

Applying for this job

Please create a ticket on the MyWikis Client Panel for more information.

Please write your message in English. You may go ahead and attach a résumé or CV (curriculum vitæ). We will offer you the job if we feel you are best suited for MyWikis.

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