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Before we begin...

  1. It takes about 12-24 hours to process your wiki. If we can't get back to you before then, we'll send an email.
  2. Tell us all the customizations you want on your wiki. This includes extensions, skins, etc. Please do this now rather than later, as it makes it easier for you and us—a win-win!
  3. To pay, you will need a PayPal account.
  4. Use English or Chinese to fill out this form.
  5. Our email might be found in your spambox. Be sure to look out for an email from MyWikis.
  6. If you have any questions, ask us! Please visit our ticketed support system (TSS).

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If you do not know what plan to choose, head on over to our plans comparison page (opens in a new tab/window).

(Specifying your wiki's mission helps us tailor every single aspect of your wiki perfectly. Thank you for helping us help you.)

(Upload a logo to a remote website, then copy the URL where it is located. For MediaWiki, dimensions are 135x155 (highly recommended) or 155x155.)

Administrator login information will be sent to the email address supplied below.

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By creating your wiki, you must agree to the MyWikis Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (link opens in new window). In addition, you agree that you have read the prices above and will fully pay for the price set above each month. You also agree that we can keep information about your IP address and also set cookies.

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