Ever wanted to start up your website, but you don’t have enough capital? The MyWikis Startup Program provides free hosting to startups for as long as they need it. Best of all, there’s no loan and there’s never a penny paid to us.


They don't sound real, but they are.

  • Free hosting, no kidding. Get unlimited resources, as long as usage is fair.
  • Need help finding cheap domains? We’ll help. Although we don’t pay for this, we only help you purchase a domain and we don’t act as a middleman unless you want us to.
  • Access to a full-featured control panel. That’s right. You get to manage everything the way you need it.
  • Stay as long as you need us. We’re like your internet parents. We want to help you grow and succeed, and as long as we’re around, you get help! :)
  • Get our advice. Want some advice from seasoned entrepreneurs? We provide that too, absolutely free.
  • No need to pay us back! We would certainly appreciate being paid back, but we don’t require it. It’s just another part of us being nice.


Before you get the wrong impression of our program, here are some of our limitations.

  • You are bound to our policies. Acceptable usage is defined by us. We reserve the right to terminate your free startup hosting anytime.
  • You might need to sign a contract. Certain features of the Startup Program might require an NDA or contract. Be prepared.
  • We have admin too. Although we're not going to be purposely interfering with your operations, please note we do have the right to claim admin privileges when we request them.
  • The MyWikis Startup Program needs to be acknowledged somewhere easily visible on the site. It doesn’t need to be on every page, but there should be a notice that your site uses the Startup Program and the notice should link to this page. You can use our logo for this purpose only.
  • Get our advice. Want some advice from seasoned entrepreneurs? We provide that too, absolutely free.
  • Your site is not a part of MyWikis’ operations.

We’re giving your startup at least one year of absolutely, 100% free - $0 hosting. This includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. We hope that this provides your organization a “cushion”. This will help you reduce costs and earn more money. As a startup, we feel your time should be spent looking forwards to profit, not trying to swim out of the red. And hey, if you need the “cushion” for more than one year, that’s fine too, because we want your startup to be as prepared as possible.

The hosting we offer does not have a “build-your-own-site” tool (although we could install a CMS/content management system for you), but you can deploy HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. pages. We are not helping you create your website, but instead providing a place for you to host your creation.

Have any questions? Contact Us.