MyWikis Terms of Service

Welcome to MyWikis (the "Site", the "Host", the "Wiki farm", or the "Service"), a wiki and site hosting service. We are represented by the MyWikis staff ("Staff") and are officially operated by MyWikis staff and MyWikis Holdings with its shareholders.

By using our website and/or services, or your website hosted by us (the "wiki", the "site"), you must agree to these terms before usage of our services or website. (Please note any websites under the domains that MyWikis owns, including but not limited to:,,, are considered "our website".)

We are based in Texas, United States of America. You are subject to Texan and American law when using MyWikis.

Section 1 - General terms

This Terms of Service may change at any time. Should the Terms of Service change, the English version dominates, if there are any other versions of the Terms of Service.

The grandfather clause does not apply to the applicability of MyWikis' Terms of Service.

We may collect any information about your IP address and personal information at any time without any prior notice.

By using our website and/or our services, you agree not to hack, force entry, send unsolicited requests, run denial of service attacks, threaten, misuse our services in a manner not allowed by MyWikis, etc. to our servers, services, website, employees, etc. may also set cookies and block you from accessing our site.

Section 2 - User membership

One may view the Site depending on if they are allowed to, however, the Site will never, in any way, guarantee the maintenance of the freedom of viewing pages.

If one (hereon referred to as a "User") should choose to register for membership, they must meet the following requirements and agreements:

They must be 13 years or older (with certain exceptions listed below),

They must accept and be able to comprehend the Terms of Service,

They must never sue, or threaten legal action on MyWikis. Any legal dispute between MyWikis and its clients or another party must be resolved by arbitration headed by a neutral MyWikis staff member.

Membership can be terminated by Staff and anyone who can effectively stop the user or remove the user from the database, for whatever reason whatever.

Anyone under 13 is welcome to join MyWikis, but must be represented by one who is 13 or older, through a consenting adult who sent a proper notice to the contact email -

Section 3 - Liability

MyWikis will not be responsible for anything that happens to any users. It is up to you to use MyWikis' service, and also up to you, the user, to be prepared to incur all costs and to assume all liabilities that occur as a direct or indirect result of using MyWikis' websites and/or services.

By using our services and/or our website, you agree to not sue or file legal action against the Service to collect any profits as a result of any mistakes, financial losses, security breaches, acts of God, or other unfortunate events that might occur due to MyWikis or any of its associates, partners, employees, or other users.

You agree that the Service will attempt to notify you, but is not required to do so, when you have violated any part, or if we have invoked any clauses of our Terms.

Section 4 - User-created content disclaimer (Viewing terms and hosting terms)

MyWikis is not responsible for sensitive subjects posted by other users per Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. There will be no warning and there shall not be a warning anywhere on the MyWikis websites for such material, except here. By using our services and/or our website, you agree to not sue or file legal action against the Service for such content. You also agree that the protection of children from sensitive topics is under the User's liability, never MyWikis' liability.

The Service will not host wikis containing the following content: pornography, sensitive topics (to be determined by the Service), or generally "Not Safe For Work".

Our hosting only guarantees a website for the User, with no guarantee for any extra benefits; the Service will try its best to deliver a working MediaWiki, but there are no guarantees in case of unforseen hardship that prevents this goal from being delivered. The Service may, at any time, terminate your hosting services with us, if deemed appropriate or necessary by the judgement of the Service.

Support is provided to the User by the Service, but the Service makes no guarantee of response to inquiries about the Service, although the Service will make an effort to do so.

For private sites, the Service shall not intentially disclose confidential information of the site, but if this occurs accidentally, Section 3 of this Terms of Service applies.

Section 5 - Deletion terms

We don't wish for your wiki's content to be deleted, but if it violates the Terms of Service, is accidentally deleted, violates United States or Texas law, or the Service is unable to continue to host the wiki due to spam or other unrecoverable circumstances, you agree to hold the Service harmless per Section 3 of these Terms.

In addition, if we feel that your wiki's content poses a threat or harm to our business, or if we have another reasonable and valid concern against your wiki's content being hosted, you agree to allow us to remove and expunge said content.

Section 6 - Wiki licensing

Your wiki may use any appropriate copyleft, Creative Commons, or a copyright license.

Section 7 - Miscellaneous

If MyWikis offers an alternative contract for a customer or party, the Terms of Service may be superseded and overridden by that contract. This only applies to the affected customer or party.

MyWikis has the right to revoke access to accessing or editing any of our services or websites at any time.

If one cannot pay with United States Dollars, MyWikis Staff can convert and round to the higher whole number in one's currency, including miscellaneous conversion fees and processing fees processed by authorized third parties (PayPal, etc.).

If one wishes to transfer their content away from MyWikis, they must first fully notify MyWikis Staff or be subject to copyright violation.

MyWikis is under no obligation to offer a refund. By paying MyWikis through our payment provider, you agree to forfeit your ability to request a refund.

For corporate users only: If you are a representative of a company, you agree that by requesting a wiki through our wiki creation form, we may use your company's brand and logo without prior permission for marketing purposes only. This applies regardless of whether you initiate payments to us or not. You agree to allow us to use your company's brand and logo forever. You also agree to hold MyWikis harmless as a result of our usage of your brand.

Privacy policy

At any time any employee who has legal access to MyWikis' databases may view all and any personal information, including passwords, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, personal information, and more.

MyWikis reserves the right to distribute your information to authorities and our partners who request them.

MyWikis reserves the right to use this information at any time, for legal and meaningful business purposes, without any notice. The Service will not sell this information to third-parties directly; see Section 8 for our disclaimer regarding the sale of information by Google and PayPal and other companies, over which we have no control.

MyWikis reserves the right to give this information to anybody who has a valid reason and has been verified to receive sensitive information.

All forms submitted to the site can be stored in our databases. By submitting forms, you agree that these forms can be stored in our databases.

MyWikis reserves the right to store cookies on your computer. By using our website, you agree that cookies may be stored on your computer at any time without warning.

Section 8 - Our relationship with third parties and our relationship with Big Data

We use certain Google services, like AdSense and Analytics, on our site, so we may serve you better by earning revenue or collecting relevant data, respectively. We can't control what Google does with your visit data, but the Service itself does not directly sell the User's information to third parties. Other services that the service uses, like Google or PayPal, may decide to do so (unfortunately), but you agree that MyWikis does not have control over this data collection, nor can MyWikis guarantee privacy from the selling of information as a result of these other services's (Google, PayPal, etc.) data collection methods. Payments are handled by PayPal ("payments provider"), and what they do with your data is regulated by themselves, as well as any jurisdiction PayPal falls under.

We will never establish a direct link to wholesale buyers or sellers of Big Data. However, our above partners, to be clear, will never be held accountable to this clause. We will always try our best to ensure our users' data is kept private, as we wish as well, but there are certain limits to how private we may keep our users.