A wiki is a website where multiple users can collaborate to edit content and structure. The largest wiki in the world is Wikipedia.

Did you know that "wiki" is the Hawaiian word for "quick"?

A common misconception is that wikis are individual pages. A wiki is a collection of wiki pages, which can easily be edited by multiple people.

Wikipedia is not the only wiki. There are millions of wikis on the internet, each with different purposes. Some wikis are used as knowledgebases for a hobby, a subject, or an interest. Other wikis might be used by companies to share information internally and securely. Either way, wikis are used for information collaboration. Anybody can have their own wiki!

To get your own wiki, you can either download wiki software and install it by yourself, which is time-consuming, difficult, and costly, or use a wiki host. A wiki host is a service that sets up and hosts the wiki software for you. All you have to do is provide some basic information and soon, you'll have your very own wiki!

While there are many wiki hosts out there, only MyWikis provides you with a personalized experience based on your needs and wants.

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