Wondering why you should use a wiki? A wiki is versatile and can be adapted to be the ideal website and collaboration tool for many scenarios.

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Wiki as a website: A wiki is a website. You can add text, images, videos, and even widgets to each page, and pages link to each other. The best part about a wiki is that it's not hard to edit. On some wikis, anybody can edit any page. On other wikis, authorized admins can edit the pages, while viewers can see the changes made to the pages immediately as they are updated in real time.

Wiki as a collaboration tool: In general, users can edit any page on a wiki. This makes a wiki the perfect place to collaborate and share information. The only way to share information properly is if everyone can report back at the same place, add their information, and everyone else can see the updated information. Blogs and other websites don't let just anyone edit the pages. Furthermore, they might require use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it difficult for the average person to update the website. This results in a loss of collaboration due to a high learning curve causing frustration and friction. However, wikis eliminate this problem entirely. MyWikis offers a visual editor that allows anyone, even people completely new to wikis, to edit the pages using an easy-to-use interface offering similar features to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Sharing documents on a shared drive and editing them is difficult to keep track of, difficult to organize, difficult to categorize, and most importantly, difficult to search for the right information. When you put your information on a wiki, you're making all of the information easily searchable using the wiki's powerful search engine.

Then why don't I just host my own wiki? You certainly can! However, getting a wiki up and running is not as easy as it sounds. MediaWiki is an extremely powerful wiki engine (after all, it powers Wikipedia!), and thus can be difficult to set up. While the MediaWiki set up process is not too difficult, the addition of extensions necessary to make the wiki functional can be particularly challenging and time consuming. In particular, addition of features necessary for many companies, such as single sign on (SSO), data privacy guarantees, and visual editing, are the most difficult to configure correctly. Running a MediaWiki instance properly requires lots of experience. Rather than investing weeks, if not months, on perfecting your wiki setup, why not cut it down to a matter of minutes? At MyWikis, we not only create your wiki immediately after sign-up, we also bundle all of the essential extensions with your wiki. We also provide recommendations on how you can improve your wiki, achievable through one-click installs of additional extensions.

Step # Wiki creation process at MyWikis Wiki creation process at other hosts with automatic setup Wiki creation process at other hosts without automatic setup
1 Choose a plan Choose a plan Choose a plan
2 Customize your wiki details (1-2 minutes) Create account credentials and pay for your new plan (2 minutes) Create account credentials and pay for your new plan (2 minutes)
3 Create account credentials and pay for your new plan (2 minutes) Log in to the hosting panel (1 minute) Log in to the hosting panel (1 minute)
4 Wiki is created automatically with built-in extensions and configuration (1-2 minutes) Create your new site and specify domain name (2 minutes) Create your new site and specify domain name (2 minutes)
5 Done! Enjoy your wiki! Find the automatic installer and customize your wiki details (2-3 minutes) Create MySQL database and get FTP details (2-5 minutes)
6 Optional: Link your custom domain, or install extensions automatically via Self Service Wiki is created by their script (2-5 minutes) Log in to FTP (2 minutes)
7 Reconfigure wiki settings, add extensions (10 minutes-5+ hours) Copy MediaWiki files into directory (2 minutes)
8 Find FTP credentials and log in to FTP (5 minutes) Set up MediaWiki using install tool (5-10 minutes)
9 Done? Enjoy your wiki, until the next configuration nightmare... Upload LocalSettings.php to FTP (2 minutes)
10 Configure wiki settings, add extensions (10 minutes-5+ hours)
Total time spent Between 4 to 6 minutes Between 24 minutes to 5+ hours Between 28 minutes to 5+ hours

Company wiki

The best collaboration tool for employees is a wiki. Companies should use wikis to eliminate siloing of divisions, encourage cross-division collaboration. Keep track of progress where everyone can see it, not just the team or the individual. Eliminate accidental work duplication by centralizing everything in one place. An easy to use interface means anyone can edit a wiki intuitively. Use single sign on (SSO) to unify accounts.

Support knowledgebase (help pages)

Easily organize your frequently asked questions and knowledgebase information on a wiki. Offer powerful search to your customers so they can find the right help for their needs. Make it easy for your content writers to add and update information in real time with visual editor and easy to use edit capabilities across the entire wiki. Add supporting multimedia with ease into each help page.

Schools and classrooms

Create a more immersive online environment for your class. Make remote learning or a flipped classroom become a reality with an easy-to-use place to put all your curriculum and teaching content. Let students have a place to collaborate, work on projects, and do their coursework. Manage your students with ease. Connect with your school's single sign on platform.

Personal use

Got a hobby? Want to write a diary or journal? Jot down your thoughts, organize them, split them into pages, and search through them. A wiki is the perfect organizational tool for your thoughts and information, even if it's just for yourself!

Information encyclopedia

A Wikipedia, except for a specific topic. Or maybe even a Wikipedia+. The possibilities are endless with a MyWikis wiki. Best of all, you're running on the same software that powers Wikipedia.

The Abnormal Psychology Wiki documents clinical mental conditions, their symptoms, DSM-5 diagnosis requirements, and treatment/prognosis.

The Libertarian Party of the United States, the third-largest political party in the U.S., trusts MyWikis to be the home of its wiki to preserve their history and ideology: LPedia. MyWikis believes in protecting peaceful freedom of speech, and does not endorse any particular political belief.

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